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Ryan Bladestormjust hit 50 on my healer, let me know if anyone wants to do ak or wp
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MariGoing through some old screenshots. Can you guess who this was? Now take a vote. Who prefers him this way?
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Kopuno Deblant   Cute little guy, I'll say that!
Kopuno Deblant   And I do.
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I want to take this time to thank you for visiting the Mindless Indulgence FFXIV:ARR Linkshell Website. If just too look, or submit an application we appreciate your visit.

A Little About Mindless Indulgence and Me.

 I've been running guilds/linkshells/clans/legions for quite sometime now. From casual to hardcore, to casually hardcore I have always strived to make a community, more so a family where everyone can have fun, relax and enjoy a great gaming atmosphere. 

 I initially started being a Leader back in my days of Final Fantasy XI where I lead a casual End Game LS for about 4 years. Played for about 7. Mindless Indulgence started in Aion and eventually moved to Rift where MI became quite respected and well known. Mindless Indulgence has also survived the Final Fantasy XIV disaster we knew as 1.0. Now here we are at Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

 We are a Family Oriented, community based, PvE/PvP End Game Linkshell. I tend to keep the Guilds smaller as I prefer community versus mass numbers. If I don't know your face or your real life name, then the Guild has gotten far too big. If you're looking for a more relaxed environment, where you won't be put down because you forgot to move out of the fire, but laughed at instead. You've found the right place to call home!

 Thank you again for paying us a visit, if interested in joining Mindless Indulgence, drop us an Application. We'd love to invite you to the MI Family! If you have any questions feel free to Mail me or find me in game. Fail Society~
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